Decorative mirror with rooster feathers MIRROR TAIL

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Introducing the decorative rooster feather mirror MIRROR TAIL, a handcrafted masterpiece that fuses the natural elegance of rooster tail feathers with the warmth of a hand-woven natural cotton base. This is a decorative mirror that goes beyond the conventional, becoming an authentic expression of art and design.

The main feature of the Mirror Tail lies in its use of rooster tail feathers, which are carefully selected and ethically harvested to ensure sustainability and respect for nature. These feathers, known for their elegance and varied range of colours, are the essence of the natural beauty that this mirror brings to any space.

The hand-woven natural cotton base provides a perfect canvas to highlight the handcrafted essence of this mirror. Each thread is precisely woven by our expert craftswomen, showcasing their skill in creating a structure that enhances the feathers in a harmonious and balanced way. This base provides a perfect contrast and softens the overall look, adding a touch of warmth and texture.

Versatility and customisation

Versatility is a key feature of the Mirror Tail. We offer the ability to customise the size and colour of this mirror to perfectly match your vision and needs. Whether you want a small, delicate mirror for a special corner or a larger mirror that becomes the focal point of your home, you can customise the size and colour of the Mirror Tail to suit your vision and needs.

The creation of the MIRROR TAIL decorative rooster feather mirror is a meticulous and painstaking process, where every detail is carefully considered to ensure that the final product is a true work of art. Each mirror is handcrafted with love and dedication, bringing a unique touch of natural beauty and creativity to your space.

With Mirror Tail, you get not just a decorative mirror, but a unique and customisable piece of art that reflects your style and taste. We allow your vision to take shape in each feather and weave, creating a distinctive element that will captivate those who gaze upon it.

Handcrafted Mirror

At Geometrik Design we handcraft all of our products by hand. In this way, each piece is unique and can be personalised to your taste and needs. All you have to do is ask us for the size you want and we will start working on it. Would you like to have one in your home?

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White, Grey, Black, Brown, Beige, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink, Fuchsia, Red, Green, Light blue, Blue


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