Make your space a dream place!

Do you want to decorate and furnish a room? Whether it’s an existing space or one from scratch, we help you make your thoughts come true.

Half program

What do we need?

In order to get started, we will need you to provide us with the following information:

→ Photos from space

→ Measurements of the space (a hand drawing will suffice)

→ Know your tastes, style and needs

→ Approximate budget for investment

What will you recive?

Once we have received all the information, you will receive a response with:

✓ PDF document with the technical drawings of the project

✓ 3D infographics so you can preview the result of the project

✓ Dossier in PDF with the furniture and decoration shown in the infographics

Before starting the project, we will do an interview by phone, video call, email or in person to talk about the idea you have in mind and thus start the work knowing your objectives and needs well.

We will make as many changes as necessary until the project is the one of your dreams!


*This program is only applicable to rooms of a maximum of 25 m². In the case of larger spaces, it will be necessary to request the Full program budget.

I'm interested!