Geometrik Design


Integral reform in Guillem I

In this integral reform in Guillem I de Ribes, the classic style elements of the house were respected, incorporating them into the new design.

In this house, an entire remodeling of the space is carried out, both in the interior and exterior spaces. Starting from a classic house built in the 80s where dark colored walls predominated, closed and small spaces and furniture that had been totally out of context among others. It seeks to give it a 360º turn to turn it into a modern house.

For that, a detailed selection of materials was made that transmit calm and serenity, a palette of warm and natural colors was chosen.

On the ground floor, it seeks to be the center of life for the owners, which is why the three spaces are unified into one. The living-dining room-kitchen maintains the characteristic elements of the house, such as the moldings on all the ceilings and the original doors and windows. In what would be the original garage, a study and office are designed for the owner.

The first and second floors are intended for the night area, where we can find the bedrooms and bathrooms. In these spaces, the original structure has been maintained, but each room has been redesigned, especially the bathrooms, making the entire complex more modern and in keeping with the family’s style.