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Welcome to Geometrik Design, your destination for the creation of exclusive and unique spaces through our handcrafted lamps, mirrors and decorative products handmade in our workshop. We specialise in creating lighting and mirror solutions for professionals looking to transform environments with a distinctive touch.

light up a restaurant

Customisation is the key

Our approach is based on craftsmanship fused with personalisation. Every lamp, mirror and decorative element we create is a manifestation of dedication and master craftsmanship. From conception to realisation, we take care of every detail, ensuring that each piece we produce is unique and reflects the quality and style that characterises us.

We understand that each project has its own particularities and each professional seeks to capture their unique vision in the design. Therefore, we offer our clients the freedom to customise every detail, from colour to size, every aspect can be tailored to meet their specific expectations and needs.

We work hand in hand with our customers, understanding their requirements and visions. From there, our expert craftsmen apply their skills to create pieces that perfectly fit each project. The ability to have bespoke elements gives our clients the confidence that their spaces will be truly unique and represent their distinctive style.

At Geometrik Design we pride ourselves on being a brand that combines the tradition of craftsmanship with innovation and personalisation. We invite you to explore our catalogue and join our family of satisfied customers who have transformed their projects with our unique, handmade creations.