Geometrik Design


Industrial loft design in Sitges

The industrial loft in Sitges intended to respect the characteristic elements of the space, in addition to the house being very open so that the light reaches any space.

We are in some underground offices, which the owner wants to turn into her usual home. The main challenge was how to get natural light into such a dark space.

Cambio de uso, de unas oficinas a vivienda en Sitges

In the entire space, we only had two entrances of natural light, such as the main door and that of an interior patio at the other end of the house. In order for the light to reach the entire space, all the common areas were distributed in the center of the house. The day area, no wall was placed that could block the light, that is, a totally open space from end to end.

Instead, private spaces, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, were designed around the perimeters of the house. To allow natural light to enter, large crystals were placed in the upper part of the wall that connects with the common area.

Another of the main objectives was the promotion of the architecture itself, emphasizing the industrial style. It was wanted to maintain all the exposed installations, the natural materials, such as the Catalan volta, and all the imperfections of the pre-existence.

Thus, we find ourselves in an industrial and modern loft in the heart of Sitges, where they were originally offices.