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At Geometrik Design we make all our products by hand, in an artisan way. In this way, we can create a personalised mirror, tailored to your needs. Do you like the Mediterranean or Scandinavian style? Do you prefer the exotic tribal touch or do you go for minimalism?

Handcrafted mirrors are not just a place to look at ourselves. They are a decorative object that offers numerous possibilities when it comes to enhancing the aesthetics of a room. If we give them the right location, they will be a great help in changing the decoration.

Uses of handmade mirrors

Mirrors have become an indispensable tool for interior decoration, as they have special properties that allow spaces to change.

To begin with, they provide a lot of light by reflecting the light coming from windows and other openings to the outside. Therefore, if you direct them appropriately, you will make a room much brighter and cosier.

They are also very effective when it comes to enlarging the space and giving a feeling of spaciousness, something that is especially appreciated in small rooms. If you want to take advantage of this effect, try to place one on the wall opposite a window.

Of course, mirrors are also a decorative element in their own right. Choose one with a nice design that fits in with the overall style of the room, and it will become one of its focal points.

Customised mirrors

The benefits that mirrors can bring to the decoration of a home are even more enhanced if you choose a handmade model.

Handmade mirrors can be customised and made to suit your decorating needs. In this way, you will give any room a personality of its own, the key to any cosy atmosphere, as well as a beautiful one.

Moreover, this type of mirrors are made with natural materials, which helps you to take care of the environment and to achieve a more ecological and sustainable house.

Go for handmade mirrors to give your home a new look!