Geometrik Design is a family business born from the passion of a mother and a daughter for design and decoration. It all came about when we decided to turn what was a chocolate factory into our home-studio.

Thanks to being able to create our space from scratch, and decorate it to our liking, we saw that giving our home a more personal and unique touch would make us differentiate it from others. There came the idea of starting with decorative elements made by hand, by ourselves, which turned our home into a unique space.

Once we saw the house finished, and that all the people who visited it loved it, both the distribution and the decorative elements, Monica decided to launch her own brand, Geometrik Design, to the world, so that anyone could acquire her items. hand made.

Currently, within the artisan decorative elements, we meet clients in more than 30 countries. With different cultures, in which they are delighted with the decorative products that we make. Among those that stand out are the lamps and mirrors, among others, always created with natural and environmentally friendly materials.

Paula, in turn, combined her passion for decoration with university studies and a master’s degree focused on interior design. After going through different interior design studios, where she has been able to work on an infinite diversity of projects. She designed from houses to hotels and public spaces. Thanks to this, she has been able to expand her knowledge, in order to contribute more to the project that unites them so much and is so passionate, Geometrik Design.

“We create unique spaces to make you feel happy.”

Our designs are…

Functional: Adapted to the needs of each space and the wishes of the client. Paying attention to aesthetics and beauty, without losing an iota of the function of each element.

Natural: In all its senses, close to nature and flow by themselves.

Unique: We give the most precise and appropriate response so that each space has its own personality.