Are you going to work from home? Nowadays, more and more people are freelancers or decide to start their own business, and they choose to work from home to reduce costs and feel comfortable. If it’s your case, remember that it is very important to have your own space, to help you organize. Do you want some tips for setting up your home office?

oficina en  casa

Choose a quiet place

Even if you work at home, you should try to mimic the quiet atmosphere you would have in a traditional office. This way, you can concentrate properly and perform better. If possible, settling in a room would be the best option. As this is not always possible, think of the corner of the dining room or the lounge that offers you more peace. To do this, keep also in mind the timetable of the people you live with.

Lighting, key in your home office

Whether it is natural or artificial, one of the most important keys you should consider is the lighting of the home office you are going to ride.


If you have a window or a balcony in the space where you are going to settle down, place your table next to it. Having natural light helps to work better and to develop creativity. And, above all, to make you feel more comfortable in your job.

If you do not have enough natural light, or work in hours of darkness outside, it is essential that you organize a good artificial lighting. You must include general light and light points. They will help you to visualize well each of the elements of your work.

Of course, you can take advantage of the choice of lamps to give your workspace an added value of decoration. They will make  it more enjoyable and aesthetically beautiful.

The colour of the office

When you design your home office, you also have to consider the colours you are going to use in this corner. White will become your best ally to give luminosity, but it is advisable to break the uniformity with touches of color, which will give more energy and dynamism to this space.

Keep in mind the details

To finish, do not forget all the details that will allow you to feel comfortable while working. An ergonomic office chair, storage space and some wall panels that become an organizing element will be of great help to you. Finally you can’t forget to put some plants, which will give freshness to the space and a touch of joy.