Handmade ceiling lamps, original and with own style? Of course it’s possible. In Geometrik Design we create handcrafted luminaires that you can hang in any room. They are the perfect choice for a bedroom, but also for the dining room or even the kitchen.

Forget classic glass designs and bet on lighting your home with lamps that reflect your personality and give warmth to the room. Play with colors, shapes and textures to create the light you dream of. Because your house doesn’t have to be like everyone else’s!

Handmade ceiling lamps

At Geometrik Design we faithfully believe that your home is your world. And, therefore, it has to reflect your personality, sensations and way of life. That’s why we’ve decided to create decorative elements like juju hats and custom ceiling lamps, designed to make lighting your home a unique experience for you.

Let your imagination run wild, estimulate your creativity and don’t limit yourself in your choices. On our website you can decide the complete design of your ceiling lamp, and this includes everything from color to shape, to the length of the fabric cable and also its chromatism.

Home lighting is no longer a simple complement. Integrate Geometrik Design’s handmade ceiling lamps into your decoration and start creating fun environments that reflect what life in your home looks like. And, of course, in as much light as possible!