Handmade pendant lamp HALF SPHERE GOLD

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The handmade pendant lamp HALF SPHERE GOLD is in a Nordic style and in the shape of a hemisphere. Both the light it gives off and its design make it the perfect complement for your home or workplace.

This handmade ceiling lamp has a great personality. Its colors together with gold and its refined lines make it an essential element to create a modern, informal, elegant and very welcoming environment.

The light given off by this ceiling lamp also stands out for its warmth, since the cotton with which it has been woven is not opaque. Therefore, let beams of light shine through. In this way, a unique atmosphere is created.

Minimalist ceiling lamp

The handmade pendant lamp HALF SPHERE GOLD, which stands out for its clean and modern design. In addition, as each piece is made by hand, it can be customized according to your tastes and you can show off a unique lamp in your home.

You will have in your home a ceiling lamp made following a complex process, which always bears in mind the human spirit and the inspiration of the creator. And it is that the artisan products of Geometrik Design come from our heart to arrive directly at the home of our clients.

People are the essence of the creation of our lamps, because you also play a fundamental role in the process. Do not forget that you can choose both the characteristics of the sphere and the cable.

Let your imagination run wild to make a perfect color combination with your SPHERE lamp!

Basic recommendations for use

The HALF SPHERE GOLD is a handmade ceiling lamp, made with materials such as glue and natural cotton. Therefore, you should clean it with a dry duster or cloth, never wet it with water.

Also keep in mind that the use of light bulbs with a maximum power of 60 watts is recommended to guarantee its proper functioning.


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