The lamps we offer in our online store are made by hand, with all the love and dedication. They also are the result of an elaborate artisan process that is worth knowing. If you are thinking about installing one of these lamps in your home, probably you would like to know how it has been created the one you like. Here, there are our artisan Geometrik Design craft lamps design keys.

lamps shapes

Stages of the craft lamps design process

Hanging up the Geometrik Design lamp whose design you love so much for your home means to carry out a thorough process of several phases. In it, we work your favorite color cotton yarn to give it the proper form.

Essentially, the creation of this kind of lamps requires a shape – normally, a ball or a balloon-, cotton yarn 100% natural and glue. With these elements, we create the body of the lamp. From here, it is usual that the assemble would include textile electric cord, socket, switch, plug and rosette.

cotton yarn lamps

To create the lamp, cotton yarn is mixed with glue lowered in water. After, the resulting mixture is placed in layers all over the chosen shape. It’s a process completely artisanal that is finished when we get a completely homogeneous surface. It is also necessary to dry it for a couple of days.

Once cotton is completely dry, the shape is removed. Then, we  begin the assemble of the electrical elements to complete the lamp.

What is the final result of this process? A completely unique artisan lamp, following the indications of each client in terms of color and size. And the best of all is that there is no other lamp exactly like the one you are going to hang in your home.

Which craft lamps design would you like for your home?

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