Decorative wall mirror with raffia AFRICA


The decorative wall mirror with raffia AFRICA has come to revolutionise the design of mirrors, breaking with the circular decoration that surrounds the mirror. It gives a modern and elegant touch to your decoration as a whole, giving it an extra spaciousness by placing the Africa mirror.

Starting from a round mirror, its decoration made from natural raffia, has been designed in a semicircular shape, to give dynamism to the piece. You can place your mirror in any way you like, vertically, horizontally or, if you are more daring, diagonally. You can even combine different pieces, creating a unique sculpture on your wall.

Decorative wall mirror with raffia AFRICA with natural materials

Geometrik Design is characterized by working with natural materials, the mirror Africa is made of raffia fibre. Raffia is a natural, flexible and resistant material, obtained from a palm tree native to America and Africa.

The decorative wall mirror with raffia AFRICA is a great option to make your home look brighter and more spacious. Creating beautiful and new corners in the living room, bedroom, dining room or anywhere you place it.

As soon as you hang it on the wall, it will become the protagonist of the room, whatever your style of decoration. Its natural materials give it an ethnic and Mediterranean touch. But because of the delicacy of its lines, it fits perfectly with minimalism and chic style.


At Geometrik Design we make all our products by hand, in an artisan way. In this way, each piece is unique and can be customised to your taste and needs. You only have to ask us the size you want and we will start working on it. Would you like to have one in your home?

Weight 0,9 kg

30cm/11.81in, 35cm/13.78in, 40cm/15.75in, 50cm/19.69in, 60cm/23.62in, 70cm/27.56in, 80cm/31.50in, 90cm/35.53in, 100cm/39.37in


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