Decorative jute ceiling lamp JUTE II

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Were you surprised with the Jute lamp? Well, at Geometrik Design we want to continue surprising everyone, and that is why we present the Jute II ceiling lamp, a product that has its own elegance thanks to its two jute bangs, which makes it unique and unrepeatable. Undoubtedly, it will be the protagonist of any room where you place it. Its Nordic design and the light it gives off manage to create a cozy environment, even in the most modern decorations.

In addition, the JUTE II lamp will surprise you with its adaptability. You can place it anywhere in your home or in any work environment … Wherever your imagination tells you! You will always get a perfect result.

Decorative ceiling lamp to create unique atmospheres.

Wherever you hang this decorative lamp, you will get a very special atmosphere. What is the key? The texture of the cotton and jute that cover it allows the light to pass through, which provides a very special atmosphere to the room.

Customizable handmade lamps

This ceiling lamp is handmade, following a handcrafted process. Thanks to this, we make each piece unique. Can you imagine having a personal product in your home, from the hands of the inspiration of a human being?

At Geometrik Design we make your wish come true by following a handmade process that has different phases, culminating in a work of art that makes them unique and unrepeatable. The best of all is that you are part of this process, since you can choose the characteristics of your own lamp, you can think about its size, finish, color of the bangs and the cable!

Our JUTE II decorative ceiling lamp is created with all our love… We want you to love it!


This decorative lamp should not get wet: clean it with a dry cloth or a feather duster.

You also have to take into account that it has a universal lamp holder that works with LED or energy-saving bulbs. It is recommended to use bulbs with a maximum power of 60 w.

Weight 0,9 kg
Dimensions N/A

25cm/9.84in, 30cm/11.81in, 35cm/13.78in, 40cm/15.75in, 45cm/17.72in, 50cm/19.69in, 60cm/23.62in, 70cm/27.56in, 80cm/31.50in


White, Light grey, Gray, Black, Natural, Camel, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Pink, Fuchsia, Green, Light blue, Blue, Brown


Beige, White, Light gray, Dark gray, Black, Camel, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Pink, Fuchsia, Green, Light blue, Blue, Brown


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