Plants should be a forced element in any home. And not just because they are a decorative element of great beauty. They also represent a very attractive natural touch for any room and a unique chance to give life to a place. Do you know where you can put indoor plants at home? Here are some ideas

The best place for your indoor plants

Taking care of the plants in your house does not only mean watering them and transplanting them when necessary. It is very important that you know their perfect location so that they can develop properly.

In this sense, one of the factors to consider is the growth of the species you have chosen for your home. The plants don’t accept well the changes of place, so it’s important to value how much it will grow and looking for it from the first moment a suitable space for its development.

You should also be careful with air currents and heat sources, which can damage the health of the plant and prevent it from being able to live for years. One last tip? Make sure that the room has the right light so that each plant species can develop in a correct way, of course natural light, not from a lamp

The best space to place indoor plants at home

If you have doubts about which plants you can place in your home, it is important that you relationship the characteristics of each room with those of the most popular indoor plant species.

The hall is one of the best places to put plants, as they allow to give a cosy feeling as soon as you enter the house. Keep in mind that they dont’ use to be very bright, so you need resistant species like Aspidrista or Dracena.

What about the living room? It is certainly one of the most likely rooms to put any species. You can even combine several to create a feeling of small indoor garden. Some ideas: the trunk of Brazil, the coves or the orchids.

Also don’t forget to put plants in the bathroom, one of the places where they help to create a better atmosphere. In addition, here you play with an advantage: it’s a wet space. It’s the perfect place to put a fern.

How do you like these ideas to put indoor plants at home? Do you dare to fill your home with green?