I declare myself a devotee of nordic style decoration! Its basic and clear lines, the use of white and the empowerment of the light create a really cozy atmosphere, visually very clean and simple, too. Why not enjoying the discreet charm of simplicity in our home?

Elements of nordic style decoration

If you have decided to change the decoration of your home and want to give a scandinavian minimalist style to a space, it is important to have in mind the following elements.

Functional and simple furniture

A refined and without artifices design is one of the essential features of nordic style furniture. Don’t forget that one of your objectives must be to create an open and harmonious space, and the furniture must fit in it.

Natural materials

The natural and organic materials are the essence of any nordic style decoration. Therefore, wood, cotton, flax and wool are the materials most commonly used in this spaces. They must be present in furniture and all kinds of accessories.

White colour around

White is omnipresent in any home decorated in nordic style, both because of its aesthetic and effectiveness when it comes to multiply the light of any stay. You can, of course, complement it with hints in black or brightly colours, as red or blue.


Nature must be always in a house with a nordic style decoration. Green plants and bouquets of flowers will add a touch of life to your house, and always helps cleaning the environment.

Decorative elements and handmade lamps

Nordic style fits perfectly with the craft elements of decoration made with natural materials. Geometrik Design handcrafted lamps, created with cotton and a custom design, are the perfect choice to give colour and a unique decorative touch to any room of your house.

Complement your nordic style decoration of your home with a Geometrik Design of designer handmade lamp!