It starts 2019 and we’ve all done our New Year’s resolutions. If you are thinking about renovating your home and making it more welcoming, you are sure interested in finding new decorating ideas that can give your home a special touch. In Geometrik Design, we offer you some of our newest decoration elements and handcrafted lamps.

New decorating ideas for your home

new lampThe Hannoi ceiling lamp stands out for its stylized shape and its natural colour, which can be perfectly integrated in any decoration. In addition, its design combines a modern and contemporary air with an exotic point of oriental reminiscences that makes it especially original.

And why not a jujuhat with a mirror? These feather hats are already one of the most personality decorating elements that exist. And they can still be more special if you add in them a center with a mirror. Can you imagine seeing yourself reflected among feathers?

Lamps with Feathers

One of our bets for the 2019 are feathers. If the jujuhats are one of our weaknesses because of them, why not include feathers in the lamps as well? Its combination of ethereal elegance, sophistication and a sensuality point makes them, with no doubt, the protagonists of any room where you put them.

feathers lamp

Feathers model represents a revolution in the handcrafted lamps of Geometrik Design. With this pattern, we momentarily leave aside the aesthetic of braided cotton that characterizes most of our products and we bet on a luminaire completely filled with feathers. It creates a surprising effect that is still more spectacular when the light is reflected in them.

These are just some of Geometrik Design’s proposals for this 2019. Are you looking for more new decorating ideas to create special environments in your home? We are sure that our decorative objects and handmade lamps will help you. Check out our website!