Decorative feathers lamp FEATHERS

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Would you like to have a feather lamp of your favorite color on the ceiling of your room or on your children’s ceiling? The FEATHERS decorative lamp will be the protagonist of any room where you place it. Its Nordic design and the light it gives off make it perfect for any modern and cozy environment.

Where to place it?

One of the great advantages of this lamp is its versatility. Its modern lines and the original texture of the feathers allow it to fit into any room. Think about where you prefer to enjoy it: the dining room, the office, the room…

Decorative feathers lamp to create environments

The FEATHERS lamp creates a light so special that it manages to create a warm and very cozy atmosphere. Therefore, it will help you to highlight any style of decoration you have in your home. Remember that feathers aren’t opaque. Consequently, beams of light pass through them, which are reflected throughout the room.

Customizable hand-in-hand lamps

Like all Geometrik Design models, the FEATHERS is a handmade lamp. Because of this, when it comes into your hands you will have a personal product that is not the same as any other. The different phases of its manual processing process allow you to hang a unique work of art from your ceiling.

And that’s not all. The lamp is so personal that you can customize all its features, from the color to its size.

At Geometrik Design we create your feather lamp with all the love that requires an artisan product… We know you’ll like it!



This decorative lamp should not get wet. It is recommended to wipe it with a dry cloth or a duster.

You also have to keep in mind that it carries a universal lamp holder that works with LED bulbs or low consumption. It is recommended to use bulbs with a maximum power of 60 w.

Weight 0,9 kg
Dimensions N/A

25cm/9.84in, 30cm/11.81in, 35cm/13.78in, 40cm/15.75in, 45cm/17.72in, 50cm/19.69in, 60cm/23.62in, 70cm/27.56in, 80cm/31.50in


White, Grey, Black, Brown, Beige, Cream, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Malva, Pink, Fuchsia, Red, Green, Light blue, Blue


Beige, White, Light gray, Dark gray, Black, Camel, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Pink, Fuchsia, Green, Light blue, Blue, Brown


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