Who of us doesn’t want to live in a house full of harmony and balance? Without a doubt, getting positive energies to become the main characters of our environment will always play in favor of our wellbeing. Feng Shui is one of our great allies to get this kind of atmosphere. It’s, therefore, important that we learn how to apply it well to make the most of this oriental philosophy. Do you want some Feng Shui decorating tips to make your home taking care of you?

feng shui decorating tips

Before you start to apply this oriental philosophy in your home, it’s necessary that you know its 3 basic principles, that are the pillars to make Feng Shui really effective in your home:

  • Order
  • Cleaning
  • Removing furniture and insecure items

With these points, the energy can begin to move freely around your house.

Feng Shui decorating tips for the foyer and the living room

The light and the white colour are two of the main characters of any space in the house where we want to apply these Feng Shui decorating tips.

Start with the foyer. This space is the one that allows you to welcome your guests and friends. Therefore, it has to give the feeling of spacious and also have details that get a cozy feeling, like flowers or candles. Don’t put a mirror, because it will make the energy bounce and escape from the house when you open the door.

feng shui


In the case of the living-room, we can’t forget that this room is one that has more energy circulation. Therefore, you must work specially this space so that the energy become positive here. Ventilate continuously and put natural plants to ensure a good atmosphere.

Another key trick is to place only the essential furniture, without sharp corners. The couch should be put in L and leaning against the wall, never with a back to the door.

Both in the hall and in the living-roomm, it is important that you choose wood and natural elements such as wicker or esparto grass. All this, in light shades but introducing colour notes to make the energy circulate in a balanced way, neither fast nor slow.

Are you interested in these Feng Shui decorating tips? Soon we will offer you more information about this subject!