The lighting of a room does not only imply having enough light to do all the normal activities. We can not forget that lamps are one more element of decoration and even help to create environments in the same space. To get this, Geometrik Design offers you various models of handmade table lamps.

Fun shapes

Let yourself be carried away by the imagination and choose the most special handcrafted table lamp for the reading corner of your living room. Why not complement it with a juju hat to round out the decoration?

Do you like listening to music relaxed? Create your own environment with a cube-shaped lamp of, of course, your favorite color. How about a soft blue?

At Geometrik Design we create your table lamps so you can decorate your home with the funniest shapes and colors. An informal design, but made with a love to the details. In this way, you can get a perfect luminaire that reflects your personality.

Handcrafted table lamps to create environments

Another great advantage of placing a lamp on a table or, why not, directly on the floor is the possibility to put the light to where you prefer. In this way, you will find it very easy to create environments at a specific point in the room. You can also use it to highlight certain elements of the decoration.

Choose your favorite handcrafted table lamps to decorate and light up your home. In Geometrik Design we will make them a reality!