Spring is here! We are all looking forward to enjoy the warm weather and the happiness that the sun gives us, and the good temperatures that flood the streets. So, why don’t we take these sensations inside our house? If you want to decorate your home in spring once more, you only have apply a few simple tricks that will help you to renew the atmosphere. We explain you them.

The power of the light

Let the natural light enter in your home is essential to breathe a spring atmosphere. The first step to achieve this is to renew the curtains and to put some lighter fabrics with clear colors or prints. In addition to making the spaces brighter, you will make them look wider.

Do you need more light? Do not hesitate to introduce handmade ceiling lamps to add an extra luminosity to your stay and also introduce a touch of color that gives life to the environment.

The importance of color to decorate your home in spring

In fact, the color has to become one of the protagonists of the house in spring. If you have a nordic style or minimalist home, in which neutral colors predominate, do not hesitate to break the general trend with a brush in brilliant colors.

Don’t be afraid of colors. You have all the chromatic range at your disposal to introduce a note of fun and spring joy to your home. Also, don’t forget that spring is synonymous of flowers. And is there anything more colorful than flowers?

You can introduce bouquets of flowers and plants in any corner of your house to fill it of life and also opt for floral prints in small accessories to break the neutral colors of your decor and remember that we are in spring.

A final trick: remember that the vitamin colors, such as yellow or red, give an injection of optimism and vitality to any room. As soon as you make a small space for them in your home, you will start thinking about holidays and about your day to day with a good dose of positivity.

Are you thinking to follow these tips to decorate your home in spring?