Are you already decorating your home for Christmas? We are near these special days, and we are all looking forward to organize the celebrations. Of course, this includes creating a special atmosphere, which is essential to make family events a real success. A suggestion that never fails? Without doubt, choosing the red and green as the traditional colours of Christmas. The essence of these celebrations in your home!

christmas green

Discover the symbolism of the Christmas colours

The mixing of red and green is one of the classic topics of Christmas season. This manages to create welcoming environments that introduce us in these celebrations and, moreover, become very warm. In fact, the symbolism of these colours is very suitable for reflecting the emotions of Christmas.

green lamp

Green Christmas

Green is the colour of hope and peace. In addition, it is associated with tranquility and harmony. It is, therefore, an essential element so the Christmas decoration become really nice and cozy. More reasons to use green these days? It is the color of luck. What better wish can we have in these dates?

red puff

The red colour

Red symbolizes love, and it is also a colour that reflects the strength and passion for life. Concepts such as the vitality and attraction by what surrounds us also are associated with this tone. The brush strokes of red in an environment will become our best allies to achieve our Christmas decoration reflecting our desire to enjoy these celebrations.

With this symbology, it is not surprising that people consider traditionally the red and green as the colours of Christmas, right? Anyway, I venture to suggest you to introduce them in the usual decoration of your home. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a pleasant space, full of love and vitality and, moreover, call the luck to our lives? Red and green help you to get it.