Nordic decoration is the perfect choice for your home, if you want to offer a pleasant feeling of spaciousness, luminosity and elegant simplicity in every room. If you like minimalism and stylish environments, you will surely fall in love with nordic decoration. Do you want to know what elements you should include in your home to give it this style?

Simplicity first of all

The base of nordic decoration is minimalism. That is to say, not to put in a space any element that is not going to be used. So, the recharged decoration elements and pieces of furniture that are not really functional shine by their absence.

The white colour, protagonist of the nordic decoration

A nordic decoration is essentially white. The walls are painted in this colour to reflect the light, and also the furniture and sofas are white. In this way, any room of your house will give a great feeling of cleaness and, although you don’t get direct light through the window, it multiplies its luminosity.

This does not mean that in the nordic style there is no space for a touch of color. In recent times it is usual to innovate with the use of painted wallpapers on some wall or with some element of dark colour, which contrasts with the generalized prevalence of white.

Another option to give warmth and life to a stay is introducing a complement in a striking colour, which breaks with the uniformity of space. A handmade lamp in a yellow, blue or red tone can become the protagonist of the nordic decoration of your living room.

nordic decoration


The furniture of a nordic style decoration should be light and have straight and clean lines. The simplest they appear, the more touch of elegance they will give to the place where you put them. Also, keep in mind that natural materials have to be the protagonists of this type of decoration. Wood, cotton or marble are some of the elements that fit in these spaces.


Another of the essential elements in the nordic style decoration are the plants, which are the brooch that rounds these spaces and, in addition, provide a very natural environment. Try to fill your house with green plants!

Do you like the nordic decoration to change the image of your house?