Nordic feathers lamp HALF FEATHERS

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Can you imagine having a Nordic feathers lamp HALF FEATHERS for your room or that of your children, in the color you like best? The Nordic feathers lamp HALF FEATHERS will not go unnoticed, it will be the undisputed protagonist of any place where it hangs. Its Nordic style and the light that emerges between its feathers creates a cozy and unique atmosphere in any room of your home.

Also, the Nordic feathers lamp HALF FEATHERS will enchant you for being so adaptable, since you can hang it in the dining room, in your room, that of the children, in the living room, the kitchen island, the office … in Any place you can imagine!

Nordic feather lamp to create a unique atmosphere

Do not hesitate, if you want to achieve a unique, Nordic and cozy atmosphere, dare with this Nordic feather lamp. With its minimalist style you will get it to adapt to any decoration you have in your house, and more to more, as the light passes through the delicate feathers, you will create a special and unique atmosphere, whether in your baby’s room, in your own room or wherever you want to put it.

Customizable artisan lamps

The Nordic feather lamp is made a hand, like all others, through an elaborate handmade process. This is how we make each piece unique. Would you like to have a product in your home or office where you decide the shape, color, size … And knowing that it has been made from someone’s inspiration?

In Geometrik Design we have made all this possible thanks to an elaborate manual process, our different phases culminate in a work of art that has no other equal.

In addition, you are the most important part of this creative process, since you can customize this feathers lamp by choosing the color of the feathers and the cable, the size or, also, the finish of the cable.

And don’t forget that the HALF FEATHER Nordic feather lamp is made with lots of love …. You’ll love it!

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25cm/9.84in, 30cm/11.81in, 35cm/13.78in, 40cm/15.75in, 45cm/17.72in, 50cm/19.69in, 60cm/23.62in, 70cm/27.56in, 80cm/31.50in


White, Beige, Gray, Black, Camel, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Malva, Pink, Fuchsia, Light blue, Blue, Green, Brown


Beige, White, Light gray, Dark gray, Black, Camel, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Pink, Fuchsia, Green, Light blue, Blue, Brown


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