Still don’t know what to buy for your friends or family in a special date? Giving handmade decoration is an option to surprise them. You have a wide range of products at your fingertips to let your imagination run wild and find the perfect object for your loved ones.

A personal gift

If you decide on handmade decoration elements to make a Christmas or another gift, you will be investing in something more than the typical commercial detail for your friends or family. We are talking about products made with natural materials, such as cotton or jute and raffia, which are tailored to the needs and interests of each person. Therefore, they are first and foremost personal. And this fills them with emotion.

Buying a handmade decoration element, from which you can choose its color and size, is also the best way to show that you know your loved ones. In fact, you will be deciding on a product that reflects their personality and the one of their home. Can you think of something better?

Gift handmade decoration by Geometrik Design

Are you thinking of buying some handmade decoration for these holidays? At Geometrik Design we offer you a wide variety of products that will surely interest you.

Mirrors made of natural fibers, such as raffia or jute, are a perfect gift option. Its design is thought to combine with most decoration styles. At the same time, they are an informal touch, capable of bringing joy to any corner of a house.

Juju hats, on the other hand, provide the ideal touch of sophistication for any dining room or living room. They even work perfectly as a headboard. Why don’t you consider combining several of them to create an original composition?

• And why not a lamp? On our website you will find a wide variety of models, both ceiling and table, that help create warm and pleasant environments in all rooms.

Which of these options do you prefer to give handmade decoration on these dates?