Are white walls still a trend in decoration? If you’re renovating your home, surely you’ve asked yourself about this question more than once. Truly, this color never goes out of style, but in this 2022 it plays a particularly important role in a home aesthetics. Of course, with some nuances that give it a modern and contemporary personality.

White and very warm walls

Nobody doubts that a white wall is especially elegant. In addition, it helps to make a space brighter, which is a great advantage in many small flats in our cities.

The most modern trends in decoration are committed to creating natural and very relaxed atmospheres. Of course, this color suits this, but this year the professionals are going one step further. Above all, whites with a warm tone are the most used. That is, with a slight yellow or brown tint, very subtle.

Neutral colors, essential in decoration

The use of this warm white color is part of the current success of neutral colors in decoration. These tones are stil thel key in the decoration of lots of homes, thanks to their easy combination with all colors. In addition, they are essential to shade the presence in a space of other ones that are much more vivid, such as reds or blues.

In any case, before to go for a color to decorate your home, the first thing you should think about is what the space is like, its light and size. Don’t forget a color like white will help you to improve these characteristics and make it more welcoming and pleasant.

Professionals in decoration never forget the basic tones, that can personalize any room. If you want your home to be bright, elegant and natural, white walls will always be your best allies.