What is the best room in the house to put a jujuhat? These feather hats are truly spectacular and draw attention to any wall, but many times they raise questions about the best place to place them. We give you some ideas.

juju hat

An exotic and symbolic touch

The jujuhats come from a tribe in Cameroon, where they are used as a sign of distinction and good luck by rulers and royal dancers. They are a symbol of prosperity and strength, which is already a reason to take them home.
Also, do not forget that they are made with feathers, so they have an exotic and ethnic aesthetic that makes them very showy. A guarantee to give personality to your decoration.

How tu use a jujuhat in decoration

Jujuhats are essentially an element of wall decoration. You can place just one, or several making a composition. In both cases, the key to getting the most out of them is to be creative.
A good option is to choose a single piece of a large size and make it the protagonist of the space. You can choose it in a neutral color, such as white, so that it blends seamlessly with the rest of the elements. They are also an idea to take into account the most vibrant color range, such as red or fuchsia, to give warmth to the environment.
Prefer to fill a wall with jujuhats? In this case, choose them smaller and in tones that harmonize with each other. You can distribute them in the form of waves, or following a geometric pattern.

jujuhat collocation

In which room can you put a jujuhat?

Every room in your house can have a jujuhat on the wall. Its design is ideal as an original headboard, so that you can show off a bedroom with its own personality. Of course, this feather hat also fits perfectly in a living room or dining room. And not only this. The halls and corridors are also places where they are commonly used. Here they are a great option because no other elements are needed to complete the decoration. Therefore, they help not to clutter the space. They are even placed in designer bathrooms.
Do you already know where to put a jujuhat at home? Tell us your ideas to use this decorative element of feathers.