Buying a lamp for the living room is not just a functional decision. Obviously, the luminaires provide a space with the necessary clarity to carry out any activity, but it is even more important that they help you create the right atmosphere for your decoration. Therefore, it is essential that you know the different types of lamps that exist on the market.

light living room

Design and functionality

The lamp that you choose, obviously, will have to meet the aesthetic requirements necessary to fit into the decoration. But not only that. It must also offer light capable of creating an atmosphere. One of the requirements for this is to take into account the space where it will be located.

blue lamp

Lamp types

Pendant lamps help frame and highlight a certain piece of furniture, such as the dining room table or a kitchen island. A piece of advice: flee from tradition and also use them in a small size on the bedside tables in the bedroom.
Wall lamps are the perfect resource for smaller rooms, or those in which a minimalist decoration is sought. In addition, they give a lot of play when it comes to creating light effects.
• The sconces create an enveloping lighting. One of their great advantages is that they do not take up space and can even become an element of decoration.
Table lamps can become a fundamental part of the aesthetics of a room. Likewise, they are very practical because they allow you to direct the light according to the environment you want to create.
Floor lamps are the perfect resource for designing a cozy reading corner, as well as being very functional if you like to spend hours between books.
What type of lamp for the living room are you going to choose in your home? Do not forget that the handmade and personalized designs are an added plus for your decoration.