Do you want to know what is the latest in decoration? If you are thinking of giving your home a new look, warm minimalism is the most current trend. The key to its success lies in combining the simplicity of classic minimalism with the use of soft colors and natural materials, which create a welcoming atmosphere.

Simplicity and quality

We all identify minimalism with placing the essential elements in a space, prioritizing quality over quantity. Aesthetically, it can have a perfect result, but on many occasions it’s cold to create a home climate. This is where warm minimalism plays an important role.

This new trend aims to value the beauty of the simplest elements, which are the protagonists of modern decoration. But it does not stay in this concept and goes further. Therefore, choose decorative objects with enough presence by themselves to decorate. That is, it is not about putting more elements in a dining room or a room, but about choosing those capable of creating harmony.

The protagonists of warm minimalism

In addition to taking care that a lot of light enters the space and choosing each element of the decoration to convey some emotion, do not forget the essential elements of warm minimalism.

Plants and natural fibers cannot be missing from this style of decoration. The flowers, the wicker, the jute, the bamboo…. All these elements can give you a lot of play, if you know how to place them in the house.

•Another key to take into account is the need for order. If you only let the essential elements show, it will be easier for you to enjoy a harmonious space.

•Also, they’re a safe bet the natural and neutral colors, to provide warmth to a home.

Open spaces, with as few elements as possible, and always of the best quality.

•One symbol of the essence of a home are the natural spaces . Therefore, they cannot be missing.

Wood is the queen of this minimalist style, but you can accompany it with materials such as ceramics or woven rugs.

Do you dare to redecorate your home following the guidelines of warm minimalism?