We already know the Pantone color 2023: it is called Viva Magenta and it is a commitment to life and strength. It is a tone related to the chromatic range of reds, but it has very special nuances that give it a unique personality. It is worth getting to know it better and discover all its possibilities in decoration.

Endless combination possibilities

One of the characteristics of Viva Magenta is that, despite being very energetic, it also offers us numerous combination possibilities. Especially with the neutral tones so common in today’s decoration. Introducing details in this magenta is a great way to bring a touch of life to any space.

An evolution of the concept in Pantone 2023 color

Pantone Color 2022 was Very Peri, a radically different shade that represented personal ingenuity and creativity. Now, Viva Magenta goes beyond this concept. Those responsible for Pantone want us to fill the year 2023 with strength and vigor. Without a doubt, a good way to face life after events that we have experienced as hard as war or the coronavirus pandemic. Introducing it into our home and our look is the best way to give us optimism.

Viva Magenta infects us with courage, exuberance and joy, giving everyone the opportunity to write a different story with a positive air.

How to use it in decoration

Are you wondering how you can introduce this color in the decoration of your home? The key to creating a fun and eye-catching effect in any space is to turn to small decor pieces, like prints, vases, or a juju hat on the wall. It is, without a doubt, a way to play it safe and bring life to your home without running the risk of it being excessive. Making it the protagonist of your home is not the same as giving it warmth, as you can achieve by applying it to textiles, for example.

If you like the Pantone color 2023, do not hesitate to introduce it into your home. It will help you feel optimistic!