Do you know how to decorate a small living room and make the most of each of its corners? Discover how to achieve a modern, beautiful aesthetic and, at the same time, achieve a space that is not overwhelming. We give you some practical advice.

The importance of the light

The living room is the place where we spend the most time. For us to be comfortable and at ease, it is essential that it be well lit. To achieve this, maximize the entry of natural light. Thus, you will achieve a greater feeling of spaciousness.
Also, do not forget about artificial light. Place various lamps to create the perfect atmosphere. If you choose handmade, you can customize their characteristics and dimensions. In this way, they will fit without problems in a small space.

The colors to decorate a small living room

Bet on white and soft, neutral tones to renovate your living room. In this way, it will be brighter and will gain a feeling of spaciousness. Anyway, it is always interesting to add some touches of vibrant colors to bring more life to the environment. Of course, use them only in specific decorative elements to avoid saturating it.

liviing room lamp

The furniture

Not all furniture is suitable for a small room, no matter how beautiful they are. When decorating this space, you should plan to choose pieces that are highly functional and have the right size.
Place only the essential furniture and always think that they are not excessively dark, because they will overload the room. Instead, a soft tone will help warm the environment.
As you can see, if you want to decorate a small living room successfully, you need imagination and good taste, but above all good practical planning. In this way, the lack of space will always cease to be a problem.