Do you live in a high ceilings flat? If so, surely more than once you have wondered how you can decorate it to get the most out of it. One of your challenges will be to make your home cozy and not a soulless space. We give you some basic tips for it.

Avoid the air space

High ceilings can be a hazard in any home. If we don’t know how to work with them, they can create the feeling of an empty warehouse rather than a home. Is it possible to avoid this? Of course yes! If we enhance the elegance and sumptuousness offered by great heights with a harmonious decoration, we can achieve an unique effect. If you want to achieve this in your home, you only have to play with the furniture, the light and the aesthetics of the walls.

Lighting in a high-ceilinged apartment

The best advice in this case is to combine general with specific lighting. Mixing up the different types of lighting is essential to create atmospheres (something complicated when the lamps have to hang many meters high) and to highlight specific elements, such as a painting.

A good idea is to opt for handmade lamps, since this way you can choose both their dimensions and the most suitable color and shape for your particular case.

Other tips

The furniture will help you to create a harmonious image, but it is very important that you choose the dimensions that fit in such a space. If they are very small, you will only make them disappear visually.

Finally, the use of elements that act as separators will help you to create cozy atmospheres with their own personality within the large space. A bookcase or tall plants will be more than enough for it.

Now that you know how to decorate a high ceilings flat, you can now encourage yourself to change the look of your home. Do not forget the importance of personalizing a space to really feel at ease!