Decorating the hallway is one of the things that we often forget when preparing our new home. Usually, it is thought that it is only a place of passage, but the truth is that it offers numerous decorative possibilities. Therefore, it is worth trying that its environment gives continuity to the rest of the house.

plant hallway

The hall features

Before considering how to decorate the corridor of your house, it is important that you value some aspects that condition its appearance.
Is it a narrow and long corridor, or short and wide? This will make you decide on certain colors and furniture of different sizes, to create the most appropriate optical effect. The dimensions of the space may also allow you to install storage solutions, such as shelves or shoe cabinets.
• The lighting. If the corridor has natural light, it is worth enhancing it by choosing a soft color range for decoration. The spotlights on the ceiling have to be reserved for those completely dark spaces. If you decide on ceiling lamps, opt for a personalized design, with soft colors and a light texture.

hallway lamp

Tips for decorating a hallway

Keep these basic tips in mind when considering decorating your hallway.
• Remember that the saturation of objects will only overwhelm you. Therefore, paint, wainscoting or wallpaper will provide the perfect touch to the space. Also keep in mind that a wall of an intense color creates the visual sensation of shortening a space that is too long.
Mirrors are a basic element in hallway decoration. In addition to decorating, they provide depth to the space.
Plants are always a guarantee of freshness and style. If they fit in your hallway, they will be a simple and very effective option to decorate it.
How are you decorating the hallway of your house? Let your imagination fly and you will get the perfect space.