Getting a child to feel comfortable in her room and also to be aesthetically beautiful is not easy. Are you thinking in decorating a children room so that your children can enjoy a space made specially for them? Keep these ideas in mind when designing the new room.

children room

Planning before decorating

Plan before decorating
It seems obvious, but parents forget that children grow up. When decorating a children room, you should keep in mind that your child’s needs will change in a very short time. Therefore, it is very important that you assess how you will use the space: just sleep, or also play and study.
Also, think about the size of the furniture. You cannot afford to change them often, neither for convenience nor for economic cost. Choose pieces that adapt to their growth and that don’t outgrow their age easily.


Create a base in white or neutral color and from there, add vibrant touches to bring joy to the room. Let your imagination run wild with colors and decorative resources, such as lamps, wall paint, and even the use of decorative vinyls. Although the functionality is basic, the room must also become the particular universe of the child. It always has to invite you to dream.

child bedroom

Lighting when decorating a children’s room

Another fundamental element in a child’s room is lighting. In addition to ensuring that it is the room with the most natural light, do not forget to combine various lamps to create the necessary atmosphere at all times.
For example, the child will need a good overhead light to play and a more specific point of light to read or draw. On the other hand, at bedtime or getting up a certain penumbra will be appropriate. Why not choose personalized handmade models? Thus, you will have the perfect luminaire in color and size for each moment.
Follow these basic tips for decorating a children room. Your son will enjoy his dream refuge!