Why do you have to show your personality in the decoration of your home? Essentially, to achieve a home feeling, your own space in which to be yourself. Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it seems. We explain you the keys!

personalized deco

Beyond aesthetics

Achieving a space with personality means finding decoration options that transcend the perfect aesthetic. Of course, any space has to follow the canons of beauty that are attractive to you, but you cannot settle for just this.
Making your home a reflection of yourself means creating a welcoming space, based on small details chosen with care to create a personal style.

Tips to reflect your personality in decoration

Although the most important thing is that you follow your intuition when designing your home, following these basic tips will help you personalize the decoration.

personalized deco

• Bright patterns and polka dots reflect a touch of whimsy and imagination.
• The colors of nature, such as green, are a source of calm and relaxation.
• Yellow is a note of positive spirit in any space.
• The range of reds says that you are a daring person.
• The handmade decorative objects, with an original design, are a reflection that you go beyond the traditional.
• Personal photos show your family values and interest in people.
• Do not forget to hang a painting that you like.
• The lamps you choose also become a symbol of your personality, both for the light they provide and for their aesthetic design.
Do you dare to reflect your personality in the decoration of your house? Think about what image you want to give of yourself and let your imagination fly in every corner.