Are your presents always the same? Have you run out of ideas for this Christmas season? If you are looking for original Christmas gifts for your loved ones, I propose you to opt this year for personal gifts, handmade with love. Decorative objects and crafted lamps by Geometrik Design are a safe bet to surprise your family and friends this Christmas.

Crafted lamps

A lamp that provides the perfect light to a space and, at the same time, becomes a decorative element. This is the objective of the lamps made by hand with natural cotton which we offer here at Geometrik Design. Our catalogue includes various models of ceiling and table lamps, of which you can choose the colour and the size you want. A personalized and also useful gift that will certainly be a success.

Surprising with a juju hat

The juju hats are handmade feather hats, and they have a surprising origin which relates them with some tribes in Cameroon. Decoration experts define them as a true art work. Do you want to surprise this Christmas? Give your loved ones a juju hat of their preferred colour for their home. You can choose both its design and its size also. It is a really personal gift, that seduces because of its originality and daring aesthetics.


More original Christmas gifts

Why dont’t you give a puff as a Christmas present? Geometrik Design also offers you handcrafted puffs, designed to be a comfortable seat and, at the same time, a beautiful decorative element for any room. There’s no doubt, it is a perfect functional gift for a modern home.

All the decorative elements and crafted lamps we offer are original Christmas gifts made with love. The same love your feel when you decide to fill your loved one lives o of illusion