If you follow decoration trends, surely you’ve come across this word more than once. It’s one of the most striking elements you can place on one of your home walls to give it an unique touch. We explain you the meaning of juju hat.

The history of the juju hat

Now, we place it in our house to give color and beauty to a wall, but the truth is that the origin of the juju hat is found in the African continent. Specifically, in West African cultures, where feathers are a symbol of life and prosperity. Because of this, they’re worn as a headdress in ceremonies by the chiefs of some tribes, such as the Bamileke. They’re also used in traditional dances of these towns.

The move to urban culture

The juju hat is a completely handmade tribal element, which we have transferred to urban culture. Its use in decoration is based on its spectacular appearance, full of color and, above all, on the lightness its feathers transmit.

Thanks to these characteristics, they become a visual magnet, wich attracts attention in any room of the house where it’s placed.

Decorating with juju hats

Do you like juju hats, but don’t know what to do with them? Decorating with these elements is very easy. They combine with all types of furniture, either for uniformity or contrast, and also they’re capable of visually filling a wall with only their presence.

Also, you can use them alone, or make a composition of several, playing with colors and size. In this way, make them the protagonists of the decoration, for example as headboards of the bed. You just have to let your imagination fly to get the best option!

Now that you know the meaning of juju hat, you’ll surely be wanting to hang one in your home. You just have to choose the right color and size so that its feathers give personality to any space.