Do you want to know the keys to kitchen decoration in 2023? If you’re thinking about changing this space and giving it a more current and welcoming touch, discovering the new trends will give you the keys you need for a good change of look.

Small and big changes

The first thing to keep in mind is that you don’t need to make a total renewal in your kitchen to renovate it. The great works are always very striking, but it can always be a good option to look for new colors and details to achieve very different environments. Of course, you should always keep in mind that the kitchen is the most important place in the house, since it’s the place to prepare food, and a family meeting point.

Kitchen decoration in 2023

These are the main trends for next year’s renewals.

Open spaces to the living room, so that the kitchen becomes an extension of family and friends gatherings. We’ve seen this in many houses for a long time ago, but this year’s novelty is that they have polished finishes and the appliances are integrated. In this way, the spaces are more unified.

Islands and stools to eat all together and talk. In this way, a dining room is practically created inside the largest kitchens, very functional. In addition, it is worth illuminating them with a pendant lamp that enhances their design.

Breakfast furniture is also a trend, especially because of the great comfort provided. In its different shelves and drawers, everything that is needed for breakfast is stored and, even, they can have plugs for the coffee maker and the kettle. When finished, everything is saved thanks to its doors.

•Bet on the textures on the walls. Combine paint for the tiles, vinyl and molds of all kinds to change the general appearance of the room without doing great works. In addition, you will get a much more modern look than doing large works to transform the kitchen.

Which of these 2023 kitchen decoration trends do you prefer for your home?