The Generation Z decorating has come to change many of the traditional schemes in our homes. The youngest are looking for spaces to suit them, whether they are a room in a shared apartment or a whole house. And, in addition, they look at the trends of social networks when deciding on aesthetics.

generation Z

Creating open spaces

One of the goals of Generation Z is to share spaces. For this reason, they have to eliminate walls in their homes and optimize the rooms with furniture solutions that can be moved to distribute them according to the needs of each moment.
The kitchens integrated into the living room are also another of the usual options for this type of decoration. With them, young people can enjoy preparing dishes without having to give up socializing with others.

open kitchen

Welcoming the color

The members of this generation who decorate their new homes are not looking for minimalism that has been a trend until now. They like color, both indoors and outdoors, and they have no problem mixing it, making small nods to styles as striking as pop. Creativity and imagination are the protagonists.


The circular economy, sustainability and recycling are pillars of the Generation Z society. Therefore, when its members think about decorating their home, they opt for the recycling of pieces of furniture. They even look for furniture in second-hand markets.
Another of the characteristics of this decoration is to recover household items to give them another decorative use. For example, a rug can become a mural, or a stool a nightstand.
In short, the Generation Z decorating is more eclectic, fun and informal than what these young people have seen in their parents’ house. Are you going to follow it?