The choice of colors in decoration is much more than an aesthetic decision. Its application and combination in any space helps its perception and even influences the mood of people. We give you some advice so that you can decide what tones you want to use in your home.

blue decoration

The warm colors in decoration

They are those that contain red and yellow in some proportion. They provide a significant dose of vitality and joy to any room. In addition, they can also create visual effects to make it appear more welcoming.
Combine red with white or other calming tones to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Also, orange is a shot of vitality at all times.

Cold colors

They are the ones based on blue. This conveys a sense of calm, which is why they are used to create suitable environments in rooms such as offices and bedrooms. It also helps make a room look larger.
Within this chromatic range, we find green, a tone that transmits freshness and tranquility depending on the amount of yellow it contains. Likewise, violet must be highlighted, a color with a mystical charge, which is more vital if it has more red than blue in its mix.

brown decoration

Neutral colors

They always work in any space and style of decoration. In addition, they combine with the rest of the tones and manage to enhance or hide some of their characteristics, as appropriate. The range of browns is synonymous with sobriety, while white helps to illuminate and give a feeling of spaciousness to any space.
Now that you know the basic characteristics of colors in decoration, warm and cold, you just have to learn how to combine them to have a warm and cozy home. And, of course, aesthetically pretty!