Why do you have to decorate the hall of your house with care? This part of the house, although it may seem like just an element of passage, is essential because it provides your visitors with the first impression of your home. Therefore, it is worth taking into account some important details.

hall jujuhat

Colors and lights

Before deciding which decoration elements to place in the hall, you have to choose the color of the walls. Although for aesthetics you have the possibility of choosing an infinite number of tones, if it is a small space, do not hesitate to resort to white. Increases the feeling of spaciousness and also reflects natural light.
And speaking of lighting: when buying the lamps that you are going to install, keep in mind that the combination of indirect, spot and table lights is the winning bet to create a cozy atmosphere without annoying shadows.

The size of furniture

Choose furniture that helps you to maintain order and is functional but, at the same time, does not disturb the passage through the room. Bet on pieces with a size proportional to the space, and that never stand out due to their volume or the shape of their design.

mirror hall

A standout item

The hall is not a room that stands out for its large size, not even in the best cases. Therefore, it is important that in these cases you do not overload the walls or the floor with various pieces. Opt to choose a single decorative element as the protagonist, which is the focus of attention.

The use of mirrors

Another element that is a safe bet in a hall is the mirror. Its ability to reflect natural light and to give a feeling of spaciousness and continuity is always a plus when it comes to guaranteeing the perfect decoration of the space.
Follow these tips to decorate the hall of your home. You will achieve a space to suit you!