Do you know slow decoration? It is a trend that is committed to bringing a different atmosphere to your home, and making it become your particular oasis of peace. We explain its keys so that you can apply it at home.

slow decoration

Beyond aesthetic beauty

Obviously, we all like to have a home with a nice appearance. Slow decoration takes this idea one step further and seeks to create a comprehensive experience for its inhabitants. Undoubtedly, it is a challenge to assume for lovers of interior design.
Slow decoration is, in essence, a trend that seeks to break with the traditional concept of a home. It intends to turn it into a cozy refuge, in which materials and colors are combined to create a minimalist space.

slow lamp

The slow decoration and the visually clean spaces

If you opt for this type of decoration, the first thing to keep in mind is that each of the rooms must have only the essential elements for its function. In other words, it is a living demonstration of the motto “less is more”. What should you take into account to make it a reality in your home?
Eliminate televisions, computers and any electronic device from your bedroom. In this way, you will get a relaxing space. And you can help this environment to improve with the placement of a custom-designed handmade lamp that fits with the general decoration.
• Do not forget to design open spaces that allow easy connection between the various rooms. In this way, you will help all family members to communicate easily.
Neutral colors. If you want to apply slow decoration to your home, remember that the color range of this style is very similar to that of Nordic decoration. Bet, therefore, for basic tones, to which you can add blue.
Natural fibers are another fundamental element for this decoration, since they offer a great sensation of warmth.
Are you betting on slow decoration in your home? Tell us about your experience!