Decorating any stay implies much more than choosing an aesthetic and distributing some elements. If you are changing the decoration of your home, it is important that you also consider more technical aspects, such as lighting. Taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the distribution of light will allow you to create environments and highlight the most special details of each space. Do you want to know some important home lighting keys?

handmade lampsThe temperature of light

The temperature of the bulb that you place in your house will help you to give a warmer air to the living room of your house, a space that must be always cozy because of the hours we spend in it. On the other hand, in the bathroom or kitchen the cold lights are more suitable, because they allow us to do our activities more comfortably.

The intensity of home lighting

A direct focus allows you to put all the attention on a specific point. If you want to highlight a piece of furniture or a decoration element , it will become your best ally. On the other hand, the light attenuated by dispersers or diffusers elements is less intense, but it’s the most suitable to create a more cozy atmosphere.

handmade lampsThe direction of light

A ceiling lamp, obviously, illuminates the floor. Therefore, it may be a good idea to compensate for the lack of light in some areas of the room with points of light towards the walls. Another good option, depending on the design of the lamp, is to use a beehive-type bulb, which radiates light both downward and laterally.

Of course, choosing handmade lamps adapted to the specific needs of each room is a must to get the right effect in each space. Combining all these factors you can boast a perfect home decoration and lighting, allowing you to even create the effect that a room is wider than it actually is.

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