I am a passionate design and decoration, small I was moving the furniture of the House, but now the thing has gone from bad to worse… and who suffer most at present is my partner, occurring every day that comes from work with things changed site, what patience yours!
Over the past few years I have also become a crazy of the DIY (do it yourself), and I can assure that you can decorate a whole House with a very low budget. And best of all is that to do one's own things and see the final result, the satisfaction is even greater.
In this blog I will teaching the things that I'm doing, to see if it inspires you and gives you ideas for your House.
These last two days I've been making a headboard with pallets, and is, oddly still had, and gave me the feeling that something was missing her room.
Is as simple as getting a pair of pallets, there are some establishments, as can be stores, hardware stores… where they give them you no more. If it is not always you can get them for less than € 10, these same establishments or on the internet, there are plenty of places where to get them. Once you have the pallets is slightly sanded. Not ago missing have a machine special, with paper of sanding that can buy in the hardware have more than enough. And now is is of give them an or two layers of paint, depends of the status of these. You can paint them the color that suits you, even if you leave the same color of the wood you pass them a little bit of varnish and ready! As my color is white (as you will go watching it), I painted them in this color. They are dry in a few hours and now only is put them on your website. In my case I put them vertical, although you can try put them horizontal, it is also very good.
I also used to give a hand painting room, good lack did. And as a final touch I have placed a few wreaths on the wall give that air that I like so much. By the way, I've also made wreaths, but as it is a little more complicated, I will already show how to do them later.
I hope that you have served this DIY-inspired – get yourself this headboard with pallets, and now to enjoy it!

DIY - Make your own this headboard with pallets.
DIY – Make your own this headboard with pallets.

Get yourself this headboard with pallets