Why using fringes for decoration? If you want to renew the appearance of your home, introduce this element in any room. You will be able to create a different environment without having to make major aesthetic changes or works. We give you some ideas.

Fashion trend

Are fringes an invention of the 21st century? Of course not. In fact, they were used around 400 years ago, and were a staple of the more sophisticated decor of the 1920s.

Today, this has changed and they have become an original resource for the latest aesthetic trends in homes. They provide a touch of freshness and naturalness, as well as a feeling of a bohemian atmosphere.

You should also keep in mind that fringes are very ethereal. Therefore, they manage to give a light air to a room, whatever its decorative style.

Natural fibers

Another reason for the success of fringes in current decoration is that they are made from natural materials, such as jute, cotton or raffia. This is very important for all those people who are committed to ecology and sustainability when organizing their home.

Fringes for the most current decoration

Fringes are no longer just an element to complete the appearance of a curtain or some other fabric. Now, they are much more present in the decoration and provide a very interesting touch of informal elegance to any room and environment.

It is common to find handmade lamps and mirrors designed with fringes, which completely renew the aesthetic concept of these elements. And best of all, they fit perfectly with the rest of the accessories in any room style. Therefore, you only have to think about whether you really like a certain model.

In short, the use of fringes for decoration is an excellent bet when renovating any room and giving it a good dose of its own personality. Dare to place a fringed lamp in your living room and see how it gives a 360º turn to its aesthetics. It will seduce you!