Would you like to renew your home and revamp the decoration? Choose round lamps and curved shape decorative elements to create a lighter and welcoming visual space. Get out of traditional patterns and let your imagination to make a real home!

Handmade round lamps

Opting for round lamps for the ceilings of your home allows you to place large size fixtures, which provide you the wanted light. In addition, they become a interesting decorative object. Also, you can supplement the lighting with auxiliary table lamps, also with curved shape. In this way, you get a nice ornamental result without becoming a fussy space.

Moreover, if you choose craft round lamps you have the advantage of having the exact product you need, that will fit perfectly with your personality and your decoration needs. You just have to decide the colour and size of your luminaire to enjoy a lamp with special textures, that will give character to your home.

Handmade juju hats

Are you looking for a decorative round shape element to complete the look of any room of your home? The juju hats can be considered almost a sculpture made of feathers, that fits perfectly both in the living room and in the bedroom.

Play a little and try to combine your juju hat as your bed headboard or put it above the sofa. The possibilities of this element are immense. This special feathers hat always manages to become the main character of the room. In Geometrik Design, we create customed handcrafted juju hats. Choose the colour and size of yours so that it will adapt perfectly to your home. Do you want a juju hat that really fits you?

Do you like round shapes to decorate your home? Bet on lamps and handcrafted decorative items by Geometrik Design to give a completely new look to your home.

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