Do you want your house to become a real home? Decorating with plants is one of the essential requirements to achieve a warm and welcoming environment. Of course, to get the desired effect you need to take into account some basic tips.

Space isn’t a problem

If your apartment is small, you can also have plants. Space never has to hold you back from greening any room. Choose small pots and look for some of the same size. It’s also important they’ve a design plenty of personality. In this way, they will attract all the attention. Surely, you’ve a space in the shelf where you can put some. You just have to ensure that the plants receive a little natural light.

Decorating the living room with plants

Bet on larger varieties in the living room. Think that, with just one, you can already achieve the wanted effect. Make sure it grows vertically, so that it has more presence in the room and takes up as little space as possible, thus achieving an astonishing effect without having to fill it. In addition, tropical species, such as the kentia, will give you a plus of exotic elegance.

Vertical gardens

If you are lucky enough to live in a high-rise building, we have a special option for your home: vertical gardens. They don’t take up space on the floor or on the furniture and, in addition, they become very aesthetic and welcoming. One of the great advantages is that they fit into any type of decoration. Therefore, they are a safe bet.

Different options

Don’t you still know where to put plants, because of the space in your house? Think macrame hanging planters. You can make them yourself and they bring craftsmanship and originality to the space.

Another good idea is to place containers with cuttings of plants that grow in water. Their visual effect is very striking and they’ve the advantage that you can put them in places that are difficult to access, because you won’t have to water them every day. Of course, you can’t forget about bouquets either.

Think about these ideas to decorate with plants and choose the most suitable for your home. Discover how they change any room.