We all make some decoration mistakes in our home. Many of them are simple and can be easily corrected. If we do, we will make the space look much more beautiful and welcoming. Do you want to know the most important?

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Mistakes in the placement of furniture

We tend to place all the pieces of furniture in a room against the wall. In this way, the entire center is left empty and soulless. And if there are many windows, it is difficult to distribute them.
A good option is to use the furniture as an element to structure the spaces. Also keep in mind that they must be not too large to avoid being visually overwhelming and not being able to place anything else.
Finally, forget about placing pieces in transit areas, since comfort should be your priority at all times.

The importance of color

The choice of color is essential to give character to your home. Obviously, go for the tone that you identify with and find pretty, but you need to go a step further. Take into account the dimensions of the room, the light that enters, the atmosphere you want to create and the color of the rest of the pieces so that everything harmonizes correctly.

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The personality

Whichever decoration option you choose, your home cannot be a space without personality. Opt for details that create the environment you are looking for, beyond aesthetics. Mix styles, decorative elements and colors so that your home is an extension of yourself, unique and original. This includes cushions, curtains and mirrors of adequate size and with the best distribution within the space.

The light

Finally, do not forget the importance of lighting when decorating. Do not choose just any luminaire, but instead opt for custom-designed lamps that can be adapted to the space both aesthetically and in terms of light. You will achieve the desired effect when creating a cozy atmosphere.

Take all these tips into account and you will avoid falling into the most common decoration mistakes in your home.