Are you looking for a change in your home? If you like elegant environments, but with a daring point, betting on black and white in the decoration is a sure hit. In any case, it is important that you take into account some keys to achieve the best possible results.

Why use black and white in decoration?

Do not think at any time that these colors are boring. In fact, both black and white are characterized by offering infinite combination possibilities between them, and even introducing small touches of other tones such as pink.

Also, keep in mind that you can use them both on walls and as decoration objects. Why not a black ceiling lamp in a white room? You can create a most attractive contrast. Of course, you can also experiment with these colors in elaborate designs of wallpapers, sheets, cushions, or elements with a great aesthetic charge, such as juju hats.

Keys to apply black and white

The first thing to take into account in this type of decoration is that it is a true canvas at your disposal, so that you can play with an infinite number of objects, from a vase of flowers to some curtains or a mirror. Any of them will stand out much more if you play with the winning duo: black and white.

The key is that white is the protagonist of the room. That is, the one that occupies more space. Why? Simply, due to its ability to optimize the natural light in the room. Thus, the black will stand out even more in the brushstrokes that you provide it.

Finally, keep in mind that you can give a more lively and different air to the space if you decide on prints in these tones. Of course, you should always use them in a timely manner.

Have you decided on black and white in decorating your home? Follow our advice and choose handmade elements to achieve an attractive, stylish and personalized space.