Sustainable decoration has become a trend in recent years. Why is it so successful? The possibility of combining respect for nature with a beautiful and welcoming aesthetic means that natural materials are gaining ground day by day.

cotton lamps

In the whole house

The great advantage of sustainable decoration is that you can apply it in all rooms of your home, from the dining room to the kitchen. The fibers of ecological origin that are used in elements of this type fit perfectly into any space and aesthetic style.
In addition, they are a basic help to create a home environment, with fresh and informal touches. In short, the perfect place to feel comfortable for hours.

Natural materials for sustanaible decoration

We can find more and more decorative elements made with natural fibers, many of them created in a personalized way. These creations give you the possibility of putting a custom piece in your home, with the perfect colour, shape and size to fit into your decoration.

natural fibers

Cotton is soft and easily manipulated. For this reason, it is used in the form of thread to even braid handmade lamps. It is found in an infinite number of colors, so you will have no problem letting your creativity run wild.
Bamboo is fresh and elegant. It offers you infinite possibilities to create lamps, or decorative craft pieces for the wall.
• Don’t forget the raffia either, with a very casual look that is also perfect for designing mirrors with a boho look.
• Finally, rattan stands out for its great resistance. Thanks to it, it is used both in exterior and interior decoration. All this, without forgetting its exotic aesthetic touch.
Are you betting on sustainable decoration in your home? Keep all these natural materials in mind when choosing your favorite pieces.