Do you know the boho chic style of decoration? Discover how it can help you to create a beautiful space, full of style and, above all, with a lot of personality. In short, a true home.

What is the boho chic style?

It is a type of decoration that mixes colours, textures and furniture from different periods in an informal way. It also stands out for its great bohemian spirit, but full of sophistication. In fact, many interior designers define it as the most eclectic of all.

The lack of rules and the need to feel a space as one’s own are two of the main characteristics of boho chic. For this reason, in a room decorated like this you can find elements as diverse as those of an ethnic style, the oriental or hippie touches.

Textiles, protagonists

A large number of cushions in different colors and fabrics is always present in a boho chic living room or bedroom. There is also no shortage of rugs of varied designs and, if possible, with an ethnic air design. In addition to providing aesthetics, they give great warmth to the environment.

The range of colors

Boho chic decoration is full oflively colors, which can be used to create harmonies and even contrasts. Of course, we recommend the walls being a neutral color, so that they serve as a canvas on which to combine shades such as orange, red, violet or electric blue.

The furniture

Choosing the furniture for a boho chic decoration will be very easy for you, and you will not need a large investment. Second-hand pieces are one of the main protagonists, as long as they have personality and tell their own story. Look for natural materials like weathered wood, rattan, or wicker. You can also add a touch of leather to wink at the 70s.

Do you dare to try the boho chic style in your home? Let your imagination fly and with these tips you will create a true home.